Hendrik Göttmann

M.Sc. Hendrik Göttmann

+49(0)6151 16-22395
fax +49(0)6151 16-22352

S3|06 320
Merckstr. 25
64283 Darmstadt

Note: At the moment the employees of the department make frequent use of mobile working. Therefore, I am not always available by phone, but you can always send me an e-mail.



See also this page or DBLP for a list of my publications.



Student Theses

Please do not hesitate to contact me directly if you are interested in writing a thesis.
Furthermore, you can also find a list of currently open topics here (all supervisors of ES).

Completed Theses

  • Nicolas Gottwald: Analyse echtzeitkritischer Rekonfigurationsentscheidungen für dynamische Software-Produktlinien. Bachelor's thesis, supervisors: M. Lochau, H. Göttmann, 2020.
  • Frederic Jacob: Selbstkonfigurierende und kooperierende Agenten in einem Industrie-4.0-Kontext. Master's thesis, supervisors: H. Göttmann, L. Luthmann, 2020.
  • Isabelle Bacher: Bisimulations-Analyse von echtzeitkritischen Software-Produktlinien. Master's thesis, supervisors: L. Luthmann, H. Göttmann, 2020