Security Monitors and Verification for Self-Reconfiguring Systems (CASED II)

Note: CASED II has ended in 2016.

The research activities of CASED II aimed on monitoring and verifying self-reconfiguring systems, i.e., systems whose structure is dynamically changed during runtime.

Based on the formal framework of graph transformation for the rule based specification of system reconfigurations, the current efforts can be categorized in two major directions:

1) Graph transformation rule rewriting: Based on graph constraints, which place restrictions on the structure of a system, graph transformation rules can be automatically augmented to statically enforce the compliance of reconfigurations with all structural restriction.

2) Model driven development and incremental evaluation of monitoring queries for self-reconfiguring systems: Research activities in the field of monitoring have typically focused on supervising either queries for event sequences, or queries for structural patterns.

To sum up, our research in CASED II aimed to combine both approaches to supervise the temporal evolution of reconfiguring systems.