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Echtzeitfähige Rekonfigurationsentscheidungen für dynamische Software-Produktlinien

Typ der Arbeit: Master-Thesis
Bearbeitungsstand: Abgeschlossene Arbeiten
Arbeit abgeschlossen am: 17.01.2020
Betreuer*in: Dr.-Ing. Lars Luthmann
Student*in: Hendrik Göttmann

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Software product lines (SPL) constitute an established approach to model the problem- space variability of a family of similar software products by means of feature models (FM). Dynamic software product lines (DSPL) extend SPLs by the ability to perform reconfigurations dynamically, even at runtime, according to the environmental context. To this end, FMs are extended to context feature models (CFM) by introducing dedicated context features and their dependencies to system features. However, recent DSPL modeling approaches do not take into account real-time requirements of reconfiguration behaviors within the solution space. Nonetheless, in many modern application scenarios of product line techniques the adherence to real-time properties is crucial to prevent potentially hazardous system faults. To overcome this limitation, we propose to extend CFMs by a constraint language to formulate restrictions on the real-time behavior of reconfigurations. To represent the resulting real-time reconfiguration behaviors, we synthesize timed automata (TA). TA constitute an established and theoretically founded formalism for modeling the behavior of timed systems. Furthermore, parallel composition enables us to handle sets of separated, yet interdependent constraints in a systematic and graspable way, where the resulting network of multiple TA synchronizes its operations on shared actions. Moreover, the usage of TA facilitates sophisticated analyses of constraint consistency.

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