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MOCA: A framework for implementing high-level bidirectional model-to-text transformations.

Typ der Arbeit: Master-Thesis, Diplomarbeit
Bearbeitungsstand: Abgeschlossene Arbeiten
Möglicher Beginn der Arbeit: immediately
Arbeit abgeschlossen am: 16.11.2010
Betreuer*in: Dr.-Ing. Anthony Anjorin

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High-level bidirectional model-to-model and model-to-text transformations form a corner stone in metamodelling, with a myriad of applications.  Currently, existing frameworks for specifying model-to-text transformations are, however, either not general and flexible enough, or do not support bidirectionality.


A general and flexible framework for specifying high-level bidirectional model-to-text transformations is to be implemented using triple graph grammars (TGGs).  Using the implemented solution, concrete use-cases (texual syntax for modelling languages, codegeneration, ...) are to be analysed and used as a proof-of-concept and a set of test-cases.  Last but not least, based on the experience using TGGs, a series of possible improvements and extensions are to be motivated and suggested.


  • A good understanding of the MOF metamodel.
  • Experience with current model-to-text solutions (Monticore, Xtext, Xpand)
  • A good understanding of metamodelling concepts and technologies (TGGs, SDMs).
  • Experience with parser generators and compiler technology (ANTLR, ...).
  • A good understanding of JMI.
  • A sound grasp of Java and general object-oriented design principles.

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