MATE - MATLAB Simulink Analysis and Transformation Environment

MATE provides support for semi-automatic checking and enforcement of modeling guidelines (Fig. 2) as well as for design pattern instantiation, interactive model refactoring and beautifying operations. MATE is a joint project in response to the urgent need of the automotive industry for more sophisticated tool support to assist software developers using Matlab Simulink and to reduce the effort of model reviewing. In practice, catalogues of modeling guidelines are defined and the models are continuously and automatically checked according to these guidelines during the development.

Analysis as well as refactoring of Matlab models requires full access to the model repository of Matlab, which is possible through an API written in M-Script, a proprietary script language. Due to the fact that both the used language and the tool’s API evolved over many years, learning how to program reliable model checks and transformations using this approach costs time and efforts. Furthermore, model checks written in M-Script are basically programmed in an imperative style and as such neither clearly structured nor easily readable or understandable. MATE overcomes this problem by providing a layer of uniform API adapters on top of which visual graph queries and transformation can be developed on a considerably higher level of abstraction. (Fig. 1) The specification of these graph queries and transformations is realized with the help of MOFLON, using the Story-Driven Modeling (SDM) syntax (Fig. 3).


Figure 1 - MATE Architecture
Figure 2 - Modeling Guideline
Figure 3 - SDM Graph Transformation



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