Software Modernization (with TGGs)

Software Engineering is about 40 years of age. It is still hard work creating new software spreading through almost all kind of industry. Because of a growing amount of code there is always a kind of legacy system. As a consequence compatibility issues arise when new software is created or maintained. Avoid creating new software from scratch leads to a need for rethink existing software. Not only as a part of maintenance, but also because of a changing environment.

The aim of Software modernization is a systematic way of managing software evolution. This is done by extracting essential and business related parts of the system away from technical parts. The extraction leads to a collection of platform independent models. The aim of this extraction process is to retrieve a collection of the most important parts of the software that cope with the main / essential functionality and knowledge.  The next step is to re-formulate new requirements and business needs the new software has to apply to. Finally the extracted software parts, including new parts or changes, are rebuilt into a new system, with e.g. a changed technical infrastructure.


Our approach
The extraction of relevant parts of a system can be done by a technical neutral model. E.g. the description of business processes covered by a system may be described by a business process language.
Using MOFLON and included Transformation Engines based on SDM and TGG we try to automate the extraction-process first. Regarding the Architecture Driven Modernization proposals and related projects from the Object Management Group, we try to implement related technologies as the Knowledge Data Metamodel for example.


Related Work
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Current Projects

Forschungskooperation Eckelmann AG


Dipl.-Inform. (M.Sc.) Sebastian Rose

Metamodeling & Model Transformations

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