Domain-Specific Engineering Languages & Methods

Complex software is a product of many involved disciplines that design, shape, and realize the final result. Unfortunately, different aspects demand for the use of different tools or programming languages.

Nowadays, model-driven development is coming up very clearly with a good understanding of how to model complex software systems within one domain, i.e. one language.

Within this research field we develop new ways to cope with the use of different modeling languages like MATLAB, Modelica, SystemC or VHDL. Therefore, connecting aspects and overlapping concerns have to be considered in order to map one model into another.

Current Projects

MATLAB/Simulink Analysis and Transformation Environment (MATE)
Model-Driven Automation Engineering (MDAE)


M.Sc. Computational Engineering Anthony Anjorin

Dr.-Ing. Marius Lauder

Dipl.-Ing. Elodie Legros

Software Modernization


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