Model Driven Software Development

Model Driven Software Development in general, and the OMG standard Model Driven Architecture in specific, are becoming increasingly accepted as a promising approach to handle the increasing complexity of large software systems. Consistency and traceability of artifacts in the development process are two of the major advantages of a model driven development process.

The basic idea of the model driven architecture is to refine computation independent models step by step into platform independent models and then, as shown in the figure above, into platform specific models, from which the code in a general purpose programming language can be generated.

We use model driven software development in research projects as well as in teaching. For instance, in the Safety Car project, which addresses MDSD for a realistic car model, several theses and lab courses have been performed.

Current Projects


Safety Car


Dr.-Ing. Felix Klar

Metamodellierung & Modelltransformationen


Security Engineering

Modellbasiertes Testen & Softwareproduktlinien


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